Hybrid Model

C.A.U is a consulting agency focused on design, technology and territorial analysis. Our hybrid model horizontally integrates architecture, engineering and planning to offer solutions at different project scales. Our practice understands the complexity of the processes that shape the territory and therefore investigates and implements innovative solutions for the different challenges that each project poses.

Collaborative Environment

C.A.U is a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment that looks to the future looking to produce the best scenarios for the territory and its built spaces, for this it incorporates dialogue as a tool of exchange and information flow to offer our clients, communities and stakeholders the best possible response to their needs.

Network of Experts

C.A.U is a network of experts in research, architecture, engineering, data and territorial management at different scales that seeks to respond to the complex challenges that our world poses.

Juan Jacobo Molina Restrepo

Architect degree (March) at the IUAV – University of Venice (IT), Master of arts in Urban Management and Architectural Design at the Domus Academy (IT). From 2009 is the director of “Centros Urbanos” Design Studio Option at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (CO), where he has focus the studies on the relation between the urban processes, architectural design and research techniques.

He is also a lecturer at the Master of Regional and Urban Planning at the same university. He has work, practices and research in several offices and institutes including Cino Zucchi Architetti , Trans (ient) city project (Lux) , Domus Academy (IT), IUAV, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Arg)) among others.

As an architect and planner, he developed several architectural designs, urban masterplans, researches and land use plans for public and private clients.

Manuela Valencia Restrepo
Network Management

Publicist of the Universidad de Palermo (ARG). She studied Marketing and creativity at Solvay Brussels School in Brussels, Belgium. Specialized in strategic planning and digital marketing. She has worked with companies such as Alpina, Diageo, L'Oreal Paris, Davivienda among others.

C.A.U: Andrea Mozzato, Tomás Santacruz, Mauricio Chaves, Santiago Rincón, Sergio Jiménez, Estefanía Quijano, Santiago Chacón, Ana María Gualy, María Camila Leal, Josué Amaya, Sebastían Salamanca

C.A.U Network: Mario Mayorga (Sociologo, CO), Gabriel Nagy (CO – USA), Pablo Jaramillo (ProCorp, CO), Filippo Lovato (Arq, IT), Valentina Temporin (PopLab, IT), Nicola Tollin (Resurbe, DK), Diego Paccagnella (Design Apart, IT - USA), Xcoop (NL), CLS (CO), Virginia Giandelli (IT), Fernando Rubio (CO), Alba Cristina Melo (Derecho Urbanístico, CO), Estudio Altiplano (CO), Guido Robazza ( Arq, UK), LineLab (CO), Estudio Crearq (Co)