In the Centros Urbanos studio option of the Department of Architecture of the Universidad Javeriana directed by Juan Jacobo Molina, we investigate a wide range of topics related to the territory, its project and its architecture.


We develop processes that relate to practice, academia and research with the aim of expanding knowledge related to urban planning and architecture.


Our goal is to generate new ideas, techniques and tools to explore possible futures for the city and the territory.

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C.A.U educational network:

Proyecto Centros Urbanos / Departamento de Arquitectura: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (CO) | Fernando Rubio (Director Centros Urbanos) | Lorena Vecslir (Fadu –UBA), Matteo Ghidoni (Salottobuono / San Rocco Magazine) | CAMPO | Cristina Murphy (XCOOP / Morgan State University) | Andrea Bertassi (XCOOP / University of Arizona) | Paola Viganó (IUAV –Universitá di Venezia) | Robert Lane (Harvard GSD / Columbia University GSAPP) | Diego Ceresuela (Urban Think ThanK – ETH) | Ramon Bermudez (Ciudad Isla/Universidad Nacional) | Guido Robazza (Portsmouth School of Architecture)